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Doraina aka Miracle

I used to always hear IF YOU KNEW BETTER YOU’D DO BETTER well I know better and I am doing better. I am choosing to share my pain and mistakes as proof that there is life after death, hope after dope and freedom after bondage. I am living proof that you can go from victim to victorious. You can move beyond tragedy and trauma to become a warrior of Triumph You can overcome suffering in silence to boldly unapologetically speaking when you want to.

I am choosing not to be silent anymore. I have accepted the fact all I went through was not to simply and quietly keep it to myself but to openly share with others that God is still in the miracle working business. In this book are mini testamonies of how I made it through tumultuous abusive relationships, generational domestic violence, prostitution, alcohaliosm, suicidal thoughts and several suicide attempts.
However the God I know, love and serve WOULDN’T LET ME DIE.The saying I don’t look like what I’ve been through is not just a cliche’ to me. I am a miracle and I refuse to put a cap on my blessings.
AKA MIRACLE is who I am and this is my book of testimonies

About Author

Doraina Rochford is a mother of six adult children and fifteen grandchildren. She was born and raised in Brooklyn. Doraina is a survivor of childhood trauma, alcoholism, substance abuse, sex trafficking, physical, emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse.
Despite generational abuse she went back to school, obtained her GED and became a credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor. Doraina knows how it feels to be a victim, to suffer in silence, to be dominated by fear, to feel isolated, alone and afraid.
While in her abusive relationships, her pen became her voice and her paper became her best friend and audience. That is where her path to writing began. While drowning in the deepest of darkness, her path to thriving was marked by her faith. Her resiliency was the light that set her free, liberating her from the guilt and the shame of her past.
Doraina now serves as an Ordained Elder, she is a licensed chaplain under United Chaplains State of New York . For the last 13 years Doraina has served an advocate at Sanctuary for Families where she has worked with survivors and Sanctuary staff to increase community awareness and help inform SFF policies.
As a motivational speaker, Doraina shares her own personal experiences with trauma and how she found healing. Doraina continues to advocate and speak up for women who are still suffering in silence.

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From Tragedy Through Trauma To Triumph is a non-fiction, self-help poetry collection offering a comprehensive look at various aspects of domestic abuse, sexual assault, substance abuse, and the harrowing cycle of pain, misery, and suicide. The book describes the vicious cycle of trauma and grief that a victim of domestic violence, abusive relationships, and sexual assault has to go through.
Every poem describes actual events that took place in the author’s past. Each poem highlights a different memory and how that event affected her.This book of poems was written for people who have suffered similar experiences.Her poetry collection doesn’t only recount the tragedies, it also focuses on triumphs and how she gained control over her life. It gives women the much-needed hope that they can still leave their traumatic past behind and find renewed courage, creating the life they truly desire.
The book is divided into three sections: TRAGEDY, TRAUMA and TRIUMPH which will allow women to seek hope from the author’s story and believe miracles do happen and freedom can be gained even after trauma, tragedy and pain. Lastly these poems were written to ENCOURAGE, ENLIGHTEN, STRENGTHEN and EMPOWER every person who chooses to read the book.